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Happy Happy Home Care

Happiness doesn't come in one colour, peculiarly in a country like ours, that celebrates happiness in a spectrum of life. The dust and dirt should be the last thing to hold you back from your actions, and that is why Happy Happy brings you all the products lined up just for you. The products you would need, to get you a hygenic surrounding that would bring the satisfaction on the minds and Happiness on the faces.

The happiness of mind, happiness of health and Happiness of Neatness, is all on your hands 

'अब सफाई आपके हाथ आई '

Our Products


Floor Cleaner – 1 & 5 Liter

You don't just walk upon your floor, not in India, we eat, pray and learn there. To give your life on the floor a hygienic surrounding, use Happy Happy floor Cleaners. Happy Happy cleans the floor and makes it resistant to germs, so your family can share the happy moments in peace.


Dish Wash Gel – 250 & 500 ml

The liquid formula of Happy Happy dishwasher gel, works amazing on dishes. It can deal with one course of dirty utensils in few drops. It spreads to the corners and cleans the hardest stains.


Dishwasher Soap - 250 gm

Clean utensils are the first step for healthy food. And getting rid of the stains took a lot of effort. But no more rubbing and scrubbing for hours. with our revolutionary Dishwasher Bar, get one stroke brightness on your dishes. The bar goes to corners and removes the residues from the with no effort at all.


Happy Happy Surface cleaner 

All new Happy Happy Surface cleaner is for your healthy home. It kills germs, removes all the stains and it's flamboyant smell makes your day Happy Happy


Detergent Cake – 125 & 250 gm

Happy Happy Detergent cake makes your white clothes, the best kind of white. It works best even with toughest stains, and gives the Brand New Whiteness to your precious White clothes.


Washing Powder – 200 gm, 500 gm & 1 kg

Happy Happy Washing powders for a perfect froth that weights with stains and keeps your clothes brand new. It protects the colours on your beautiful clothes and gives a brighter face to the clothes with every wash and keeps your clothes new for longer time.


Toilet Cleaner - 250 & 500 ml

Your toilet seats requires your extra surveillance when it comes to cleanliness. We take the responsibility, The Happy Happy Toilet cleaner gives healthy shine to your seats, expands and cleans better than acid or other products in market. And keeps your family protected from germs.


Two in one scrubber

Your glassware’s and your steel wares don’t need same kind of harshness when being cleaned, so give up that steel wool already and try new Happy Happy Two in one Scrubber. Which is specially designed to give an all round cleanliness. 

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Pimpri Pune, Maharashtra





RN Enterprises introduces 'Happy Happy' a complete lineup of Cleansing Products that would be used in a household.

A positive surrounding can only be obtained by optimum quality of hygiene. And this positivity expands to good mental and physical health. These wide range of products involve all the solutions you needed to get your surroundings hygienically positive.

We have currently expanded our span around four districts: Sagar, Tikamgarh, Satna and Chhatarpur within a year. And with our expert quality products, we would soon be the first choice of every Household in Madhya Pradesh.